Happy Holidays in Spring 2010 in Berlin – some little Problems with Icelandic Volcano and the Press of Berlin

Ones upon a time lives a Doctor in a great holy country …

He is a good Doctor, because he lern in his own family the greatest deepest shit of the mindfucking through fashistical-sex with Children! (Aaron*Begin of July 1994, Naomi*Begin of Mai 1996 and Zak*Begin of August 1998)

Not the „own“, but her halfsisters and halfbrothers.

A good Doctor with not official adopted Children – but not from him or from his wife „Dawn“!

But the world is now in the last change to a holy fun-park for a easy-padophily-world.

This Doctor is through „his Children“ and {the girlfriend (may realy-mother) of Aaron} Margarete involved in the mordering of Alexander Litwinenko in London in Autum 2006.

But that is no Problem for the Commonwelth or United Kingdom or Scottland Yard, that is a Problem – only for me and other peoples with old interests for a good Law and a good Police and a faire world, against realy chaos.