Transparency Government – more connecting with the citizen!

May you work in Government, privat Company or a ( uncommercial ) Club – if you use some or verry much web 2.0 systems or you will lern more over there things than:
voyage to Berlin from 26./27. to (28.)29./30. August 2009 and go to a special workshop!
You must come if you like – special background informations in communications – inteligence data tracking – direct democracy – *open gov* – more (and speedly higher) interacting with the habitans – social media – better and or more good users communications service for all companies, governments and clubs – and much more!

Join the Orga Network and or read the informations from the OrgaTeam:

The center of the workshop is the 28. August 2009 – on the evening before may a first talk on a realaxed place of Berlin – maybe you like to talk with some peoples on the day after?
You can make a privat date.

If you a specialist of thies stuff – log in and give some of your exclusiv knowledge at the others!

When you don’t speak german, then talk about with
Anke (on/with Twitter ) – she have made the group/network.

But may you don’t know what I mean.
Good, I will give you some basicly informations:
The gov20Camp-Berlin is a *un-conference* like a BarCamp.

The technology of web 2.0 must not have a good vibration or a power for:
open transparency government,
ideal comunications for citizen with there comunal organisation,
human rights,
… .

But this is a chance to change!
many peoples befor a short time like a handycaped unalphabeth, now they can comunicate like a journalist or a CIA-Agent.

When we becomes a **Pineapple*-Multi-Functional- and -Language-Translating-Phon* then –>~6.500.000.000 peoples haves not barriers of there talking!

Thise *unconference* have in the function some difference to normal conferences, congresses or workshops:
it’s a only creater and informations transferist party 😉 !
look to wikipedia, google it!

Now I think you will come.

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